Sonos Connect Question

  • 9 December 2016
  • 2 replies

First time poster here and have a question on my setup. My current configuration for my downstairs is below...

-Yamaha RX-V665BL 630 Watt 7-channel receiver
-2 in-ceiling speakers (Klipsch 1650's) in Dining Room
-2 in-ceiling speakers (Klipsch 1650's) in Master Bedroom
-2 in-ceiling speakers (Klipsch 1650's) in Master Bathroom
-2 outdoor speakers (Klipssch AW-400's) on Patio

The receiver is in my Living Room and Zone 1 is a 5.1 system. Currently the other 8 speakers are all set as Zone2 and are being used in conjunction with a speaker selector (Proficient Systems SS4P) and every room with speakers has a volume control in the wall.

My question is could I add a Sonos:Connect into this mix to add the streaming capabilities? I realize that all 8 speakers will only be able to play the same thing and i'm perfectly ok with that and could use my volume controls to turn off rooms not in use.

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2 replies

Sure, just connect the Connect (god, I hate that) to a tape input on your Yamaha, and you can push it wherever you want with your current system. You won't get any 5.1 through it, since it's stereo out on the Connect, but getting the streaming will be what you're looking for anyway.
Should be fine. In this context think of the Connect as being like a CD player. If that would work the Connect would. You will need a suitable input on the receiver. The Connect has analogue RCA, digital optical and digital coaxial outputs.