Sonos Connect but with limited wiring to pre existing ceiling speakers - Need Help

  • 4 January 2017
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Started a new thread for this.... In my old house I had a 6 zone Sonos system with Sonos Connect Amps powering a pair of speakers in each room. Worked great no issues and everyone in the family loved forward we just this new house we just purchased most every room has a single mono speaker wired with 2 wire from the ceiling to a wall volume control and then 4 wire (but only using one pair) going back to a central location. I was hoping to reuse my connect amps but very much NOT waning to cut drywall and run new 4 wire from each wall control to every mono speaker) do I have any options here? I was also willing to replace the mono speaker with dual input stereo speaker (that would accept 4 wire, 2 pairs). The house was build in 2005 but I still can't believe they saved much money on cheaping out on the lack of 4 wire to every speaker.

After doing some research, I think the fact I dont have that 4 wire from wall switch to each speaker really limits me with at least my current equipment. If I sell all my connect Amps and buy just Connects and a multi zone amp, do I have options then? I am struggling on the stereo to mono aspect and the lack of wiring. All of these rooms would be non critical listening but would like to have different zones for my office, bedroom, kitchen, etc. Wondering If I can go from stereo to stereo mono by mixing the left and right channels together at the amp (yet to be purchased).

Any recommendations on what I may be able to do?

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2 replies

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If it were me I'd get rid of all your current gear and go fully Sonos speakers - Play 1s and SUB or Play5 and Play1s for bedroom/kitchen. Of course if they are really good mono speakers and/or you are desperate to go non - Sonos then others may advise differently
Anyone have thoughts on this assuming I do want to leverage the wall volume controls and the in ceiling speaker(s)?