Sonos Connect and Sub cannot work together

  • 4 October 2017
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I am wondering why Sonos have decided to build in a limitation so that Sonos Sub cannot be used in combination with Sonos Connect? I have tried, and the app simply denies linking Connect and Sub (built in limitation).

To me this is very strange. A dealer tried to explain this by saying that since Sonos could not know the power and output level of the amplifier connected to the Sonos Connect, the user would not be able to control the output balance between the amplifier and the Sub.

My setup is a Sonos Connect connected to a NAD C 275BEE and Scandyna Mini PodSpeakers. The NAD is a pure power amplifier without volume control. These speakers sounds great, but lack a little punch in the low frequencies. Therefore my wish to connect a Sonos Sub.

I cannot see the problem*? At a given volume level (Sonos volume level) I can balance the 2 outputs. And since the NAD has no volume control, that won’t interfere.

So when I increase or decrease the volume in Sonos, the volumes will change correspondingly and stay in balance?

Can someone explain to me why I am wrong?

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1 reply

I don't imagine it is any sort of deliberate attempt to irritate Connect owners. I can only guess that Sonos feel there is insufficient software control over the mix of volumes and crossover frequencies to guarantee satisfactory results.

Depending on your amp a third party sub might be an option.