Sonos connect amp toggle switch

  • 16 May 2017
  • 2 replies

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I'm looking to add a Sonos connect amp with outdoor speakers to my system. When I group rooms and if I accidentally group my outdoor speakers I don't want them to play unless I push on a toggle switch that I am going to play outside. Can someone recommend an outdoor switch that I could use that would be okay in the snow? Or is this even possible? I would prefer not to unplug the connect amp Everytime I'm done using it. Thanks in advance

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2 replies

Why can you not insert any domestic electrical switches into the two speaker wires running out from the Connect Amp, indoors? That is if you really need this kind of overkill - grouping the Connect Amp accidentally would be a feat. And if you cannot turn off the mains power switch to amp once you are done using it.
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Thanks for the help, this switch has now been installed. At this point, I'm trying to find a way to light the LED on the switch.