Sonos Connect AMP Room Selection

  • 18 March 2017
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Existing Setup is Sub + 2 x Play1's in "Living Room". Just added Connect Amp. When Connecting the Connect AMP in the software, the Room Selection DropDown List does not show "Living Room" as one of the options. There is "Living Room 2". Why is "Living Room" not an option for the room Selection for my new Connect Amp.? It is the Room where my existing speakers are assigned. I want to play two Mission Speakers through the Connect AMP to enrich the sound of the 2 Play 1's and my SUB in the Living Room. I'm a programmer and I can't believe that the Sonos software can't handle this properly. This is not an unusual situation and the Software ought to be robust enough to handle this situation.

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5 replies

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Dont know what your talking about mate. I have it on mine and im a greengrocer.
You just call the new room anything you want. Living Room 2, Amp, Mary-Jane, whatever. Then group the two "rooms" to play in perfect sync.

The room name is just a label. It doesn't necessarily correspond to physical location. Sonos is perfectly capable of doing what you want.
Except, and sensibly I think, not of giving two speakers/pairs the exact same name.
Except, and sensibly I think, not of giving two speakers/pairs the exact same name.Indeed, which is of course precisely why "Living Room" did not appear in the dropdown when the OP went to add the Connect:Amp. As you say, Kumar, entirely sensible.
I was surprised to see that a programmer would be the one to think differently though!