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How do I connect my Sonos Connect to my turntable? Picture would be most helpful. The app didn’t help at all.

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Depends on if your turntable has a pre-amp or not.

If it does, you would connect the RCA cables (red and white plugs) into the turntable, and then the other end into the Audio In of the Connect.

If it doesn't have a pre-amp you will need one, or a receiver to bring the Phono signal to line level.

Here's some photos that may help

Sonos Blog: How To Listen to Vinyl With Sonos
Everything tells me to plug directly into my turntable. There is nowhere I have a receiver connecting to the speakers but that’s what I can’t seem to figure out. The turntable is plugged into that. Do I still need a preamp? Does this serve as one? If so, where do I plug the RCA cables into?
Everything tells you to plug what directly into your turntable?

Do you have a receiver? If so, what brand, and what model is it? Are you still using it?

There's two connection methods.

1) Turntable to pre-amp (if the turntable doesn't have one), then from the pre-amp to the analog in on the Sonos CONNECT. This completely skips your receiver, if you have no need for it.

2) Turntable to phono input on receiver. Receiver line level out (usually a tape output in most receivers) to the analog input on the CONNECT. In this case, the receiver is acting as the pre-amp, so an extra one isn't needed.
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Speakers don't hook to a Connect, there is nowhere to hook them to.

To get sound out of a Connect you can hook headphones to the Line-Out or hook an amplifier or receiver to the same connectors.

You can also send sound from the Connect over the Sonos network connection to another Sonos device that has a built in speaker, connects to speakers directly or has a line out to hook to an amplifier or receiver.

Are you sure you have a Connect? You can check the Sonos store site for pictures of the plug configurations and make sure.