sonos bridge question

  • 23 January 2020
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I have a system which uses the sonos bridge connected directly to my router. This, as i believe, creates a different wifi mesh solely for sonos equipment and it works perfectly as it is. 

I dont believe in replacing perfectly working items just because a company decides to stop supporting them but what will happen to my sonos equipment now that the bridge will become obsolete. I have no need to put a speaker where the bridge is and i have no inclination to buy a boost just to stick with the status quo. My wifi is also not good enough to just connect wirelessly. So, is my sonos equipment on its way out or is there another option which doesnt force me to follow this legacy rubbish.


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3 replies

You could just leave it the way it is, and as long as the electronics don’t fail, it will continue in the same fashion as it has to this point. 

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Boost is the latest bridge, but I wouldn’t buy anything from Sonos until they have clarity over this mess.

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Keep what you have for now, if it is working why change.

If the Bridge starts acting strangely swap out the power supply for a compatible one, locally or under $20 on Amazon last time I looked.

Second option and maybe the best, wire another Sonos (not a Sub or surround) to Ethernet, wait a few minutes and remove power from the Bridge.

A Bridge or Boost is an optional device, as is the wiring to Ethernet, so you could also just tell your Sonos to connect to your home WiFi but that isn’t on my list of preferred options.