Sonos bridge psu voltage

  • 23 October 2016
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I am having problems with a bridge which seems to be intermittent in operation. I have seen various posts about bridge psu voltage dropping which is indicative of a psu failure. Is there a way of seeing the psu voltage on the diagnostics page. There is lots of information on but I can't seem to be able to see the voltage being provided to the bridge.

I have a voltmeter which is showing 4.8v at the psu plug but it would be good to see the true voltage when connected to the bridge unit itself. Is there anywhere I can see this?

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1 reply

The voltage is not listed anywhere in the diagnostics as far as I'm aware.

If your PSU is putting out 4.8V at the plug it's unwell. When under load it's likely to be considerably worse. You may also see that the voltage tends to vary. A healthy PSU puts out a steady 5.1V to 5.2V.

Sonos no longer list the BRIDGE PSU in the store. You can find compatible ones on Amazon. Search 'Sonos bridge psu'.