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  • 23 October 2016
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I have with latest software update removed the bridge
my 2 play 3 work fine without the bridge also seems
Now my question can the bridge be used for anything?
or is it ready for the bin?

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6 replies

Your BRIDGE is currently superfluous. It doesn't work in WiFi mode. Put it away in case you want to revert to SonosNet operation later. Beyond a handful of players SonosNet mode is still recommended.

By the way, what seems faster? Music flows at whatever bitrate it requires. Controller response? It could be that your WiFi and SonosNet were slightly in conflict before, causing interference and slowing controller traffic.
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Only a little bit faster on the controller ipad responds faster to commands
and thanks for reply.
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By the way just love Sonos always recomend to friends etc.
The only problem i have was with the old controller hand held
unit would not work after 2 years the touch screen would not
respond quite expensive unit to throw away.
The CR200 touchscreen saga has been documented exhaustively (and exhaustingly) on these forums over the years. An unfortunate episode, particularly considering the bullet-proof resilience of the CR100. Sonos were wise to recognise that the rise of the mass market smartphone/tablet made the CR200 an expensive exercise in wheel reinvention.
I had problems when using Line-in input on my Play 5 stereo pair. One of the pair kept dropping out. By connecting in a bridge, and then a cable between the pair, I got it working again. This was advice direct from Sonos.
Hi jtkeep,

If everything is working fine without the BRIDGE wired in, then you can remove it from the mix. You might wish to store it away rather than dispose of it.

A wireless BRIDGE may be used to extend the range of your Sonos system, provided you already have a Sonos device wired to your network. A wired Sonos component is also required if you’re using a CR100 or CR200 to control your players, in which case the BRIDGE may be redeployed for this purpose.