Sonos Boost and Nest/Google WiFI

  • 22 April 2020
  • 2 replies

I have two Sonos playbars and a Sonos Boost, as well as a  mesh system comprised of Nest and Google WiFi.  The mesh system has one router (the Nest), plus two more Nest wifi points.  The system also has five more Google wifi points spread throughout the house.  I have my Boost plugged in to the Nest router, but the Sonos coverage is still spotty throughout the house.  Would it make sense to get another Boost?  If so, where/what would I plug it into?  The only Nest component that has an ethernet port is the Nest router, and that port is already occupied by the first Boost.  Thanks for any suggestions!

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2 replies

I’d be guessing that your issue is more likely wifi interference, than there is a call for another BOOST. Have you submitted a diagnostic for Sonos to look at, after experiencing one of these ‘spotty’ events?

I haven’t done that but will do so. Thank you!