Sonos App for Apple TV 4

  • 31 October 2015
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63 replies

I'd also love to have a controller app on the Apple TV 4. I get that there could be concern about such an app having a "cannibalizing" effect, discouraging people from buying additional Sonos equipment, but I think there are ways around this. The iOS app, for example, searches the local network for Sonos devices before you can even begin to select your music. The Apple TV app could do the same. If you don't have any Sonos devices on the network, the app won't let you select music to stream.

I don't even understand why anyone thinks this would cannibalize SONOS equipment sales. You think people would want the SONOS app so badly that they don't buy SONOS gear? No way. There are countless other music player apps that people can use for that already. Apple makes this one called "Music" even ;)

The point is, if SONOS supports the needs of customers (even at risk of letting their customers connect to something else), it keeps the customer in their ecosystem long term. Users will continue to expand into other rooms, buying additional SONOS speakers.

The minute you start to isolate your customers and make them feel like their needs aren't met, they'll shop for other solutions.
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You are obviously not an Apple TV 4 user. If you were, you'd understand. Your disagreement here is understandable though, because you don't personally have the need for this.

But some of us do. You will see this come to fruition.

Why would you wildly guess I don't have an Apple TV 4? In fact I have one! And that is why I don't think that I would ever like to use an Apple TV Sonos App (instead of my iPad or iPhone).
Has anyone had any updates on this front? A 'heads up' appletv4 version of the iOS controller app makes so much sense, and how cool would it be if you could voice control sonos via Siri with the remote?!

Cmon sonos - lets get cracking with it!
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I really don't see it being developed by Sonos, as much as I would love to see it. Hopefully some other app developer will try.
Sonos Controller app would be great.

A Sonos 'speaker' app turning the Apple TV into another Sonos device would be even better!
I understand and agree with frustrations. Anytime hardware companies get into software/ content ecosystem issues, things get problematic. Not promoting third party services to avoid conflict of interest. No amazon prime streaming app on apple tv for example, having to run that service through airplay comes to mind.

With that said, I just downloaded the pandora app on apple tv, and it imported all my playlists from sonos. Not a solution, but it did at least bring some of my music to the big screen. My first post in this community, Happy to be here. I miss the days when i had 1000 CDs on my wall, and could listen to a full albums in high quality with no ads or distractions. I guess we call this 'progress.'
Great point, Tyler. Sadly, one of the most important assets to any of the streaming service providers is the mountain of data on their customer's listening behavior, which is solid gold to advertisers. Not sure how I feel about being a pawn, but that's the sacrifice we make for the ability to call up any song, any time!
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i want this ASAP. as well as better integration for airplay to be better integrated such that it takes better advantage of Sonos for a better audio experience.
Yes please. Let's have a Apple TV app. With Sonos we have "candy" for our ears. Lets have the same for our eyes. When we have guest over. We have a ipad showing whats is playing. Let's go all in.
+1 for app
Since I don't have an iPad but do have an apple TV I would like a controller app on there as well...
I finally found a cool Apple TV controller app, I have been using it for about a month and so far
it works great:
Bump! Still valid!
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I tried Suono yesterday on my Apple TV: looks pretty in the Store so I paid my $5 and it fails immediately on startup. Complains that some other app is using multicast. Ridiculous, so what, a properly written app shouldn't care? Then I read their FAQ and they don't even support Boosts! i will try and get a refund, I cannot remotely recommend this until they add some kind of free-preview mode.
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Yes, an AppleTv 4th gen app would be a no brainier.
One essential piece of it would be to allow the speakers connected to the AppleTv system be selectable as an output destination.
There is no reason not to do this other than internal politics (i.e. They don't want to risk loosing Play Bar sales by allowing the speakers connected to the AppleTv to be a output destination)

This. My only source for content is an Apple TV 4K and I'm quite happy with it. But would also want to be able to elect speakers.
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You can pay $5 for Suono right now. It didn't work for me, but it might work for you.
How does one access an app on the Apple TV?
No AppleTV app? My Sonos is useless to me now! Now I have to STILL reach for my iPhone while watching AppleTV to listen to music! So inconvenient! This company is going under!

Does nobody knows how to access or control an app on an Apple TV? I've never used one, I'm genuinely curious.
Does nobody knows how to access or control an app on an Apple TV? I've never used one, I'm genuinely curious.

Apple just came out with a new Apple TV that supports native applications, and an App Store very much like iPhones / iPads / iPod Touch
Yes, sure bit it's a small white box that plugs into a TV. How do you control it?
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It has a remote or you can use your iPhone or iPad to control it or any of the Harmony remotes if properly programmed.
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Agreed. Just the controller would be awesome to have on the AppleTV with the actual audio running through your Sonos kit. Hmmm....wonder whether Sonos would have to allow higher resolution artwork though to display on 50-70" screens? Wouldn't that be awesome for a party! Sonos.....the possibilities are endless.
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Hmmm....wonder whether Sonos would have to allow higher resolution artwork though to display on 50-70" screens? Wouldn't that be awesome for a party!
I don't think so... iOS tablets with their retina screens run at a higher resolution (2048x1536, higher for iPad Pro) than a Full HD TV (1920x1080)... so no, they shouldn't need higher resolution artwork. On a 4K TV (which Apple TV 4 doesn't support), then higher res artwork would probably be needed.
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+1 for apple TV app controller