Sonos Amp with Outdoor subwoofer

  • 23 May 2020
  • 1 reply

Hi all, a complete audio novice here with a classic case of all the gear but no idea; so my apologies in advance for my questions. 

Have purchased a Sonos amp to power two Sonance outdoor speakers for my garden which I will be setting up in the next few weeks once my man cave has been finished.

I wanted to add some extra bass so I’ve just purchased a second Sonos amp to power two Polk Atrium 100 Subwoofers but my question is how do I connect the amp to the sub as the sub has 4 input wires (2 left and 2 right) so do I connect these to the amps terminals like I would the speakers? Would I need to purchase an in-line crossover, if so can someone recommend something to me please?!


Or is there a ‘better/correct’ way to set these up? Any help will be greatly appreciated please. 

1 reply

You could connect each channel of the Atrium as an additional 8-Ohm speaker to each AMP speaker output. This is straight forward and you may not need to run any additional wires if you use the Atrium’s junction box.

However, I don’t like this sort of setup -- regardless of brand. I recommend that you use AMP’s subwoofer output connected to a single channel power amplifier dedicated to the Atrium.