Sonos AMP with Marantz PM6005 Speakers

  • 7 October 2021
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Can someone advise if the Sonos Amp will power the Marantz PM6005 Speakers sufficiently? 

I just want to check the Amp will work as intended with these speakers before I purchase it.

Thanks Jonathan


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6 replies

As far as I recall the marantz pm series is a range of amplifiers, delivering the same basic functionality of the Sonos amp. 

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Marantz does not do speakers. The pm6005 is indeed an amp:

Ooops! I typed the wrong item in - thanks everyone! :-)  (that’s the Amp I’m changing from)


I meant to reference these speakers - the Q Acoustics Q3050


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Hi @Jonathan_64 

They’ll work fine, but they are rated as 6 Ohms so you can only connect 2, not 4, to a Sonos Amp.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for the detail Corry. I only have two speakers so that’s fine. 

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I meant to reference these speakers - the Q Acoustics Q3050

I run these speakers with the Amp, and I find it a very pleasant pairing.

In principle, the Amp can overload the speakers, but that would require them to be driven at volumes much higher than I can tolerate.