Sonos Amp with 4 speakers

  • 21 February 2021
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I am in the process of building a home and am looking for some input regarding our speaker setups for our back porch and garage.  We will be using two separate Sonos Amps.  One for each space.​​​​​​

  1.  The back porch is approximately 20 x 20 with a 16ft vaulted ceiling.  We will be placing a TV on the back porch and connecting it to a Sonos Amp in order to watch TV and listen to music.  We will have the HDMI and speaker cables routed to the amp in our media closet.  We are looking using 4 Klipsch CDT 5800-C II’s for our back porch.  Will the amp be able to power those speakers and still sound good or will 4 of them be too much for one amp?
  1.   The garage is approximately 1000 sq ft with a 10 foot ceiling.  We hoping to put 4 Klipsch AW-650s or 4 Definitive Technology AW6500’s.  We are hoping to put one in each corner around the 7 ft level.  This will be just for music.  Will one Sonos Amp be able to power all 4 of these speakers?  Will 4 speakers be too much for that size garage?

I really  appreciate any feedback that anyone has to offer.

Thanks in advance,


5 replies

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The Sonos Amp can handle 125 watts per channel and power up to four 8 ohm speakers  (up to six if using Sonos Architectural by Sonance) so the Amp will work just fine for your setup. And four speakers is not too much for a 1,000 sq ft space with 10 ft ceilings.

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One more note… if you want your speakers in the back porch to be separated as front and rear channel speakers for a 4.0 setup, you need to get two Amps - one for the two front speakers and one for the two rear speakers.

Guitar Superstar,

Thanks for responding to my questions.  I did think about adding an additional amp for the back porch, but decided against for the time being.  We are only wanting to watch sports and casual TV on the back porch.  Do you think it will sound okay as a 2.O setup? 

Thanks again!


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A stereo setup with four speakers will work just fine. A 4.0 setup is actually more appropriate for a home theater setup anyway.

Hi, I asked in Amazon and manufacturer told me  specifically that Klipsch CDT-5800-C II "The CDT-5650-C II are not designed to be run in parallel. You will need an individual channel for each speaker.". I'm also interested in connecting 4 of these speakers to a single Amp.. if you go for it please Let me know if it works!!