Sonos AMP Standby power

  • 17 November 2021
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I own 4 Sonos AMP and they do not go on stanby, never.

I’m measuring power consuption and its always 64W.

They are connected by ethernet cable and with wifi disabled.

Any idea how to put them on standby?

PS: I know they supposedly go in standby after 3 minutes without usage. Not my case :(

3 replies

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I suggest you again voice your concern, submit a diagnostic and post the reference ID in your next post. You can also call Sonos Tech Support after posting.

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Do you have any external audio connections made to the Amps, sometimes you’ll see enough noise on them to keep the Amp active.

I’d go one more step to save phone hold time, I’d play some music on one or all, stop it and submit a diagnostic, write down the number.

Wait 5 minutes (3 is required) and submit another diagnostic. Contact Sonos with both numbers.

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As Stanley suggests, make sure the Amps are not playing from their Line In inputs, even if there’s no signal currently applied.

Having said that, 64W sounds high even if Line In playback is active. How are you measuring the power consumption?