Sonos AMP ohm rating

  • 21 March 2022
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Hello. I am posting this here since Sonos prevents comments on older threads. 


Anyway, I am trying to determine what the official ohm range of the Sonos AMP is. I’m assuming it is 4-8 ohms or 250 watts at 4 ohm and 125 watts at 8 ohm. If this is the case, what I’m not understanding is how Sonos recommends wiring 6 speakers in parallel (when using their architectural speakers). Aren't these 8 ohm speakers? Wouldn’t a total of 6 speakers wired in parallel create a system that is only 2.6 ohms? Am I missing something here? 


The Sonos Documentation that recommends wiring 6 speakers can be found here:


Thanks to anyone that can help.

3 replies

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Since the Sonos Architectural speakers are the only speakers with which it is possible to connect six of, there's probably something special with the speakers that adapts them to the Amps max Ohm capability.

@106rallye 's comment seems plausible to me.  You could use 6 or more of any speaker if you brought an impedance managed speaker selector into the picture.  Perhaps some such functionality is built into the Sonance speakers?

@106rallye @John B  Thanks to both of you all ! Yes, after my original post, I did some more searching and found someone else on an old forum that mentioned the need to wire in an impedance matching solution for their own 6 speaker application. That’s when it hit me that Sonance must have directly built this into their architectural speakers. I agree with you all. This has to be what they’ve done and simply marketed their speakers as being “special”.