Sonos Amp not showing up for Airplay

  • 11 November 2021
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I have the Sonos AMP with in-ceiling speakers, it supports Airplay 2 but I can not find the amp on any of my iOS/iPadOS devices. I’ve cycled power on the AMP, yet I do not see the AMP when I try to connect via Airplay. The sound is set to stereo and not surround, Is anyone else having this issue? Any tips or recommendations are welcomed. 

In the Sonos app settings > System > Airplay it shows my device as compatible.

4 replies

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Try unplugging the Amp from power for a couple of minutes and reboot your router and phone.

Also worth rebooting your Apple device, 

Okay, a combination of resetting everything worked. Thank you all!

I had this problem after I used a wired ethernet setup 

Reverting to a wireless (WiFi) the Sonos arc reappears and I can utilize the Arc via Airplay2 again