Sonos Amp for outdoor sound from Projector in basement

  • 19 June 2019
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Hi All,

I couldn't find this particular question asked so I'm hoping for some insight from the community.

First, some background. I Have multiple Sonos products at both our main residence and our vacation house. In our main house, I have a full home theater room complete with projector in the basement.

The basement home theater system is a traditional 7.2 setup (non-Sonos but I do have a Sonos Connect connected to the AV receiver). My AV receiver is the Onkyo NX686, which has 2 HDMI outs, the Main out and a Sub out. The main out goes to my Epson projector, while the Sub out is not used. Zone 2 on this receiver drives 2 outdoor speakers to the patio which we use to listen to music outside. On this particular Onkyo receiver, Zone 2 IS NOT capable of sending digital sources to Zone 2, ONLY analog sources.

What I want to do is the send sound using the Sub HDMI out on the Onkyo to a Sonos AMP so that we can hear sound from the TV while using either the patio and/or the hot tub, as we have sliding doors that you can open to view the projector screen while outside or in the hot tub.

Can I use the Sonos AMP in this way? The Onkyo SUB HDMI Out will go into the Sonos AMP, and I will connect the outdoor speakers to the Sonos AMP. I think it will work but I don't know if I am overcomplicating it, and I really don't want to invest in another AVR that can push digital to Zone 2. I view the addition of the Sonos AMP as a more flexible option.

Would really appreciate comments and criticisms on this approach.

Thank you for your assistance,

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