Sonos Amp EQ Settings with Turntable and hi-fi speakers

  • 12 November 2019
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Hello Everyone,

Having spent many years and way too much money on hi-fi kit, I am selling most of it and going for wireless kit. I already own a pair of HomePods which sound great, but I am disappointed by the lack of EQ settings - my preference is more treble and bass, as I am not overly impressed with the linear sound from most systems.

I recently auditioned my friends Sonos Soundbar, sub and 2 x Play one’s. I was very impressed and I liked the ability to adjust EQ settings to my preference. 

I am planning on starting out with the Sonos Amp to connect it to my existing hi-fi speakers and adding a turntable. From there I will add Sonos Play 5 or Ones to additional rooms. 

My question is - does anyone know if the Sonos Amp has the ability to adjust the EQ settings when used with hi-fi speakers and a turntable? Could I add a Sonos sub to the hi-fi speakers for additional bass and still just EQ settings?



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3 replies

By “EQ”, do you mean the bass and treble settings?  Because Sonos doesn’t have any manual EQ settings beside those.  The only other EQ feature is Trueplay, which is an automated EQ done via the iOS app (or on-board in the case of the Beam), and has no manual settings except on/off.  Trueplay would not be available on the Amp, unless you are using one of the Sonos branded Sonance speaker packages.  

Yes, I did mean just bass and treble. I am not worried about the Trueplay function, but definitely want the ability to adjust bass and treble on the amp when using a turntable and my hi-fi speakers. 

Yes, the Bass and Treble settings are available on all Sonos products.