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  • 11 October 2019
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My subwoofer will not go into standby mode.

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9 replies

What subwoofer? Why does your post topic refer to a Sonos Amp?
How do you know this?

Yes I have the Sonos Amp.  The 3rd party Sub REL 212/SE will not go into Standby mode.  The Sonos Amp seems to be putting out a signal when in pause mode.  The signal on the Sonos Amp sub out is a bump sound which includes a hum.  

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A very impressive sub to hook up to! 

Have you disconnected the connector wire as recommended by REL to avoid hum? 

Yes I followed the REL instructions by disconnectiong the black hi-level connector and using the LFE/.1 for a ground.  REL contacted me and recommended just using the low level sub output to low level sub input but still no luck.  The lound hum goes away when disconnecting the HDMI (ARC) input on the Sonos Amp but still a quiet pulsating hum.

I had the same problem with my Martin Logan Sub.

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If you have music playing through the Sonos app on the Amp, and then you pause it, do you get this same hum? Or is it only active when you have a paused TV signal? Is it the same with the TV  (assuming that’s what’s on the other end of the HDMI-Arc) on or off?

Same hum with either music or TV playing, with either in pause mode and with TV off. 

Same hum with either music or TV playing, with either in pause mode and with TV off. 

I found this link whilst researching this topic. Not sure if it may assist you with the hum.

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bDo your connections and “Standy/Always On” switch mirror what is shown in the diagram below.