Sonos 5's

  • 30 October 2016
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Iv spoilt myself and bought 4 x sonos 5.
Would someone be as kind as to let me know if I can set all 4 up in 1 room.
Yes I have a big room !

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9 replies

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Yes you can. You have a number of options

1) Have each one as a separate Room so Room 1, Room 2 etc and then group all 4 for synced music

2) Stereo pair 2 and have the other two as separate (ie 3 Rooms) and then group those 3 rooms.

3) Two stereo pairs and then group those 2 rooms.

I have no idea how it would sound and Trueplay wouldn't help to be honest. Just try it and listen if you already have them.
Yes you can physically put them wherever you like but "room" in Sonos language is just a label for a speaker, so set them up as Living Room1, Living Room2 etc. Or if you prefer, John, Paul, George and Ringo.

Then either create two stereo pairs and group the two pairs, or simply group all four speakers. It depends on how you want it to sound.
Ok cool .
Setup dining room and family room. as 2 pairs. If only everything was that easy
When you both say 'group' - I cant find that in settings anywhere ?
Ok cool .
Setup dining room and family room. as 2 pairs. If only everything was that easy
When you both say 'group' - I cant find that in settings anywhere ?

Grouping isn't a setting because it is not meant to be permanent. Grouping is done from the Rooms listing screen. Tap on the Room name at the top of the Now Playing screen.
Ok found it yes .
I am grateful to all of you thankyou.
There are now 4 speakers working
I can have a play around now knowing where to go.
Try playing with speaker placement to see what gives the best sound in the spaces - sound quality is very dependent on where you place speakers. Once you have found those positions, run true play on both pairs to get the last mile increase in quality, and enjoy!
Gents ,
Iv now promoted to novice setup engineer.
This is so intuitive someone deserves an award. But not me because iv setup a playbar and 2 x 5's at the back of my room.
What I cant do or seem to find is the individual volumes. They all turn up and down together but the playbay is quite domineering
and the 5's are very quiet.
Would somebody be able to let me know what im missing or where to look ?
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So you've added the 2 x Play 4s as surrounds for the Playbar. When you set that up you get an option to detail how near or far to your normal listening position the surrounds (Play 5s) are to your ears - you want to say they are further away than they really are.

Also - there is a setting in the audio settings for the Playbar to change the relative volume of the surrounds.

But the most important thing to check is the type of audio the Playbar is receiving - If it is only stereo then the Playbar will create pseudo surround from the input and that usually leads to very quiet surrounds - check this by going into the app/controller when watching TV and selecting the menu option "About my Sonos" and scrolling to Playbar and see what it says next to input. I suspect you have stereo

Hope this helps
Stuart thank you.
Found both of what you have mentioned.
Its all there but just a case of finding it.
2 rear 5's are now balanced sweet with the playbar. Wow what a sound or what.

And yes receiving in stereo. If it is possible I will worry about how I can make it 5.1 from the telly another time (unless thats simple??)

In the meantime Stu- Clear and flawless direction which has made it easy. Thanks man.