Sonos 5.1 TV Room - Switching to Music Issue

  • 5 December 2016
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I've just joined the World of 5.1 by adding a Sub and 2 Play 1's to my Playbar. I've switched that TV Zone to Radio or Music from Spotify and after a while, it will stop. I notice that it's no longer set to the Radio station or Music service and has switched back to TV. The TV is switched off and the devices like Cable and Apple TV are not Active. So, I'm not sure whay it would switch over to TV mode automatically. I've turned off TV Autoplay and I Think that might have fixed the issue.

So my setup is Apple TV4, Cable box and Apple TV connected via an optical switch, which is connected to the Playbar. Previously, when I just had the Playbar, I would Goup it to 2 Play 5's to play Music and I don't recall an issue of it switching automatically back to TV, especially when the TV and optical sources were switched off. Any ideas why it would switch back to TV from the Music mode when nothing is switched on, while TV Autoplay is enabled?

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2 replies

I think it's coincidence that you didn't experience this issue when grouping with the PLAY:5s.

Despite being "off" some devices will actually be in standby, with the optical carrier still alive. Pull the optical cable out and see if it still glows red at the end. PLAYBAR could be reacting to something it senses on a live optical signal and therefore autoplaying.
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Thanks Ratty!