Setting up a Pioneer turntable with a Sonos Play 3

  • 3 December 2016
  • 4 replies

I have just purchased a Sonos Play 3 and I have successfully connected to it from my iPad and I can play music from my iPad/internet. However the main purpose for buying the Sonos was to listen to my vinyl using a Pioneer PL990 turntable. I connected the turntable cables into the "In" sockets on the Connect box and played a record but no sound? I have read on the forum that this turntable can be used with a Play 5 and I was assured by the retailer that it would work with a Play 3 so I am at a loss as to why it does not work.
Suggestions please


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4 replies

You have to set the Autoplay on the line-in to play to the Play:3, or choose the line-in source manually. To set the Autoplay setting, see this link:
Thank you for your help. Unfortunately when I go to Settings/room settings I get "lounge" (the location of the play 3) and when I select Lounge I get the options for Trueplay Tuning, retune, EQ, room name, white indicator light and create stero pair. I do not see an option for Autoplay or in line? Suggestions?
You need the Line-In settings for the 'room' of the CONNECT.
Ratty - thank you. Realised that I had not connected to the Connect unit - I had assumed that by connecting to the speaker that they were already linked. Dohhhhhhh! All working now