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  • 18 March 2022
  • 2 replies

Setting up a large room 25’ x 50’. 85” TV monitor at one end 25’ wide. Ceilings are 16’. Considering:
Sub G3
2 Fives on either side of TV
2 One SLs as rear surrounds

The Fives are mainly for music, but would like to use with TV and ARC if possible. Want the Sub to work at all times. Will this set up work for a large room? Would a second Sub make sense in such a large space? 

2 replies

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The most speakers you can add to a Sonos Arc home theater setup is up to two Subs (one must be a Gen 3) and two surround speakers for a maximum 5.2.2 setup. The Arc alone already acts as the center, front left, and front right channels.

You can group the two Fives with Arc/Sub/Surrounds setup in the Sonos app, but you will probably experience a slight audio delay from the Fives when listening to TV audio. Music will be in sync though.

For that size room, a second Sub might be a good option. You might also consider using two Fives as surrounds instead of the two One SLs.

I don’t think ARC is appropriate for a room that large.