Riga RP1 Sonos Connectivity

  • 28 October 2016
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Hi everyone, I've got a few questions about connecting my Riga RP1 Turntable to my Sonos network. Ultimately, I want the best and most authentic sound quality from my turntable and want to know whether there is any difference in sound quality between the following:

Option 1 (my current set-up) - Riga RP1 connected to a phono preamp then use the line out to my play:5
Option 2 - Riga RP1 connected to a Connect:Amp then out to a pair of speakers
Option 3 - Riga RP1 connected to a Phono Amp then out to a pair of speakers (then perhaps incorporate a Connect so that I can access Sonos though this system)

Presumably, playing vinyl through my current set-up is using a digitally converted signal which I guess a true vinyl aficionado would say is a no-go.
Does the Connect:Amp also convert the analogue audio output to a digital output before pushing it out of the speakers?
Does the Connect:Amp support a Phono input or will I still need to use my preamp?
Are there any vinyl enthusiasts out there who can enlighten me?
Apologies if this has already been answered in another thread.
I look forward to hearing your views
Thanks in advance

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2 replies

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A true vinyl aficionado wouldn't play it through a Sonos unit that is for sure - since it is digitally converted. All inputs into Sonos will be digitally converted.

Inputting into a Connect:Amp will digital convert just like the Play:5 will.

All Sonos units you'll need a pre-amp before connecting to Sonos.

Pure analog you'll need to feed from the pre-amp into an analog amplifier with wired speakers (then if want Sonos would need to have a splitter that also sends signal from pre-amp to Sonos).
Many thanks Chris, I though this might be the case. At least I can leave it for now and gradually upgrade as i can afford to.
Much appreaicted