Replacing a ZP120 - Connect AMP

  • 24 November 2017
  • 2 replies

First time post and a bit of a techno dummy even though I like my gadgets. I have a Sonos system in my home which was set up by others and its worked well for 7 years with CONNECT AMPS in 7 rooms with ceiling speakers and a ZP90 CONNECT. I just had to replace the CONNECT so that set me back a few hundred pound but now one of my CONNECT AMPS is dead. Its in the 3rd bedroom and connected to the ceiling speakers but is very rarely used so I don't really want to spend £450 on a new one is there something else (cheaper) I can connect to the system / speakers in that room?
Can anyone assist?

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2 replies

How about a single Play 1 to be moved there as and when needed and used in a place where there is no music coverage the rest of the time?

Be sure that the amp IS dead though. See what happens if you use it another room, in place of another that is working at this time.
Thanks for the prompt reply. I have speakers in the ceiling which I would prefer to utilise so I don't want to introduce another speaker. I've tried all the troubleshooting I went through with my ZP90, I've moved Amps around like you suggested but nothing works, swops power leads. There isn't even a flicker of light showing on the unit. Its totally dead