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  • 3 October 2016
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I have just moved into a house which has a system fitted.
We have 6 zones with built in celling speakers in each room, there are two connect:amps in one place and a connect in the living room. Along with three sonos controllers around the house.
I can't get the living room zone to play, unplugging the connect removes the zone from the list
I can send music to the zone but no output.
I can also send different music at different volumes to all the other zones but still get no output in the living room

Any ideas??

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4 replies

Surround sound appears sensible.
So I can connect the speakers to the amp and hdmi the sky box to it
And then use something like a optical cable to connect the connect to it to get music from the pc out of the speakers
Does that sound about right
It all depends on the configuration of the living room speakers. If they are in a surround sound setup ( Front Left-Center-Right, Rear Surround Left-Right) then you would need an A/V Receiver. If they are just ambient speakers for background sound, you'd need a multichannel amp. Since the latter usually come in pairs, I suspect you have a surround sound setup.
I have now discovered that there are 5 connect amps about the place controlling the zones.
In the living room there are 5 speakers built in with 5 sets of wires in a cupboard plugged into nothing.
And the connect in there is also not connected to anything but power.
So it looks like I need something to connect the speakers to the connect but what?
Why would you unplug the Connect? Obviously that's going to make the living room disappear. A Connect requires an additional amplifier to drive speakers. What is the Connect plugged into?