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  • 5 October 2005
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I am planning a 6 zone system. 4 inside and 2 outside. I foresee a need to control the 4 inside zone volumes in party mode (so 4 zone volumes contolled via a "master"). I believe I'm able to do this via party mode, but am I able to leave the two outside zones muted while in party mode?

Thanks for any assistance.

5 replies

Ah, my mistake. It came across differently when I first read it :)

It is accurate. My comment was with respect to having all zones linked. In this case you do not have the ability to "sub-group" them.

I did also mention that you didn't have to have all the zones linked :)



You cannot select a group of, say, 4 out of 6 zones and control their volume using the master.

That's not entirely accurate. When you have say, 4 out of 6 zones linked together there is still a "group" volume control that will adjust the linked zones volume simultaneously :)

When you have any two or mode zones linked (including all of them ; party mode) you can individually adjust the zone volumes and muting, and also adjust the group volume (which changes all zones volumes relative to each zone's last setting), and mute all.

You cannot select a group of, say, 4 out of 6 zones and control their volume using the master.

You CAN mute the two outside zones and use the master volume to adjust all of the internal zones at once without changing the mute status of the two outside zones.

Alternatively, drop the two outside zones so they are not part of the linked group at all, and hance won't be playing anything.


There is enormous flexibility with grouping, volume, and queues on the Sonos system. You can link a few zones, all of them, none of them, have them all playing at different volumes (or some muted), and all playing the same track or different ones.

In the scenario you suggested, you *could* mute those 2 zones, or you could simply not link them in the first place and have just the 4 inside zones linked together.




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