Product Request: Input Selectable Dock for Sonos Amp

  • 22 November 2018
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Now that the Sonos Amp has launched in the USA (orders ship 12/3/18) a nice companion product would be an Input Selectable Dock. The dock would accommodate at least 3 sources (i.e Phono, CD Player, Aux). Design would match the Sonos Amp in all dimensions and color as well as accomdating stackable and/or side-by-side placement. It would have a pass-through power supply to allow the Sonos Amp to be plugged into it thus eliminating the need to provision for two wall outlets. All inputs would be auto-detectable with LED's that turn from red (inactive) to green (active). Inputs would auto-switch to inactive after 30 seconds to 5 minutes of silence (time intervals being selective via Sonos app).

Obviously, the dock would not be practical in some installations wherein the Sonos Amp is tucked away in a closet. However, sitting atop my home entertainment cabinet it would be the perfect compliment (i.e Phono and CD Player) to my Sonos Amp. 😉

So what are your thoughts and/or comments :?

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