Problem with Sonos play 1

  • 8 November 2016
  • 6 replies

I bought a few days ago a Sonos Play 1. After the initial optimization with the Sonos software I began to perceive unpleasant distortion in the supply of low. I then redid the calibration True Play, but the result didn't change much. Is it necessary to act on the equalizer, in your opinion? Or my product could be damaged? Thank you for your contribution and sorry for bad English

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6 replies


The way I look at it, the "Trueplay" implementation is a suggestion, not a rule. If you find that you don't like the changes it made to your system, feel free to turn it off, and make your own adjustments to the sound in the app, using the equalizer functions that Sonos supplies. If you're still perceiving a problem with a distortion in the bass (lows), check it with another set of music first, to be sure it's not just one source. If it still continues, I'd recommend either submitting a diagnostic, or calling in to Sonos' customer service to see if there's something else they could do.

And don't worry about your english, your post was perfectly understandable.
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Yes if you have the distortion on multiple tracks from multiple sources you may have a defective unit and need to contact Sonos support line.
First, thanks for the replies. I only listen songs from Apple store and Deezer. The low distorsion affects only the tracks with a strong bass elements. In all other cases the System is very sharp. Could the problem be with the device' vibration on the surface on which it rests? Thanks
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You could try moving. Near walls etc will also amplify bass effect.
Thanks Chris, removing the case from the wall the sound is greatly improved
The speaker probably caused something in/around the wall to vibrate, adding the unwelcome additional sound to the music. Play 1 units can be placed anywhere, and often work fine, but if you want to see them at their best, some care in positioning is a good idea for the speaker to sound even better than what its price point would suggest. I now have all my units mounted on desktop Flexson stands, that do a good job of this, and also look cool.
And run Trueplay after all placement effort is over.