Pro-ject T1 (not SB) work with Sonos 5?

  • 12 December 2020
  • 6 replies

I have the Project T1 and can’t get it to work with my 5...(note I don’t have the T1 SB, just the standard T1)

Is it that I need a pre phono between the turntable and the 5? If so are there specific ones that are compatible for the 5 or are most ok? 


6 replies

Does your turntable have the built in pre-amp? If it does, have you switched from phono to Line?

There is no switch to be able to switch from phono to Line.

it arrived set up like this and the only switch is the power switch. 


Then you’ll need to add an external pre-amp to the turntable, to get the output to a level that Sonos can ‘hear’. They’re pretty cheap, based on a quick search on Amazon. 

Although you may want to double check the manual. I’m looking at the listing on Crutchfield, it says it has a built in pre-amp. 

Yeah I think that’s the case. I thought I had purchased the Pro-Jevt T1 SB which has it built in, but it is just the T1. Not super easy to find out of it has the pre amp or not but I’m guessing no. 

Is there any specific pre-amp that the 5 Will woke with or any of them pretty much work? 

That looks bogus, I’m now looking at the manual, and the T1 does not appear to have a built in pre-amp. According to page 7 of the manual, that is.