Pricing for ampless ZP

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Can you tell me what the US price is going to be for the new ampless ZP that is due out shortly?

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Where could I find info on this?
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A new ampless ZP? - I was unaware of this. Can anyone confirm?

As a very recent adapter I would not have baught one of my ZPs if i had known that.
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I heard it from someone I know who knows someone at Sonos. They have a facility in Cambridge, MA which is right around the corner from where I live. I didn't realize it was a big secret.
Now you've started something......
I was going to buy another ZP but if there is going to be an ampless version out shortly I will wait for does your friend have an ETA?
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If this is true (Sonos..?) I'll wait to buy my next ZP.
here is my theory:

the free speaker offer ends on Nov 23rd, right before the busiest shopping weekend of the year (after Thanksgiving). This is when people really start thinking about xmas gifts. To take advantage of this buying mentality, Sonos will reveal the ampless model at that time, perfect timing for the the xmas rush. it makes perfect sense to me.

there is one problem with my theory: given how long it took Sonos to release the cradle, I can imagine that it could be difficult for them to release the ampless version, unless of course they have been developing it in conjunction with the ZP.

anyway, just my thoughts. i would buy 2 ampless zps right now if it was available.
My guess is it will be announced in January at CES. Price will be the same as the amp version, however there will be a price reduction in the amp version, say $449.00. Are we going to start a pool on this one? :)

The holiday season is typically a good selling time, so there isn’t really a need to introduce a new model because the current model will sell well regardless. When January rolls around, sales tend to slow making it a good time to introduce a new model to stimulate sales.

Also my guess is most people that say they would buy an ampless model right now; actually mean they would buy an ampless model right now if the price was lower (disregarding if it had a digital out). That’s based on one does have to use the amp in the current ZP.


As has always been our policy, we don't comment on speculation regarding our product plans.

Our policy is still the same, so please don't expect a response from us on this topic.

Best, Chris.
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WAIT?!?!?! Chris!!! Don't Go! You can't leave - The plants will die!
I was told 'early in the new year' and 'similar pricing to the existing ZP'...
WAIT?!?!?! Chris!!! Don't Go! You can't leave - The plants will die!

That's not a nice thing to call your fellow forum members!



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