Possible to angle In Wall Speakers down?

  • 3 September 2022
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Im interested in installing the Sonance In Wall speakers as fronts in a 4.1 home theater system. They’ll be powered by the Sonos Amp and I’ll be using wireless Sonos 1s mounted on the ceiling as rears.

However, the wall they’re going in is a really weird configuration and they’ll need to be mounted about 6-7 ft off the ground (approx position in light blue below). Is there any way (or 3rd party product on the market) that will allow them to be angled slightly down and in toward the main viewing position? I also had the thought of installing the Sonance In Ceiling in the wall instead as they can easily be angled. Not sure if they’re specifically designed to shoot down and installing in the wall would be weird?

Any thoughts or better ideas on where to put front speakers welcome!


1 reply

I must be missing something: where the TV would presumably go there already appears to be a stove?