Port vs Connect dropouts

  • 1 November 2019
  • 2 replies

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Wondering if anyone knows whether the new Port offers a more reliable wireless signal than the Connect? I get occasional drop outs with my Connect from my Rega turntable and preamp even using a Boost and seeing the trade in offer wondering if Sonos have improved it?

2 replies

I don’t know, but you shouldn’t be having this issue with the Connect.  The Connect’s wireless isn’t unstable and I doubt the Port would make any difference.  I assume you are playing to other wireless Sonos speakers?  Is the line-in compression set to Compressed?  If not, set it to Compressed.

Also, try the ‘Airplay Device’ trick for the Line-In Source, which adds 0.5s of buffering. The name can be over-typed afterwards.

FWIW the Port uses the latest wireless card, which is somewhat better than the older ones.