Port version 2

  • 7 June 2022
  • 5 replies

Wondering if anyone knows whether there are any plans to release a version 2 port (as Sonos have done with other products) with updated hardware. Or indeed if there are different hardware revisions anyway just not visible from the product name. 

5 replies

Sonos has made no annoucements about a Gen 2 Port, and there doesn’t appear to be any rumors of such a device.  Just my personal opinion, but I doubt will see an update to the port anytime soon.  There really hasn’t been any significant changes in functionality to this device, when compared to it’s predecessor, the Connect.  The only significant changes has been appearance and hardware.  As well, I believe the Amp is older than the Port, so it’s likely to get a 2nd gen before the Port.

What precisely would you wish to see in an updated version of the Port? 

What precisely would you wish to see in an updated version of the Port? 


Can’t speak for OP, but I suspect this more of a case where there isn’t a specific feature you’re waiting on, but if a new Gen is expected to come out soon, you’re willing to wait.

Sorry, my query was directed at the OP. 

Minor hardware revisions happen routinely, as alternative sources of component supply are phased in, but the functionality doesn’t change. I was just intrigued by what feature set the OP was hoping for in a Gen 2.

Thanks for the responses. I am not waiting for anything specifically rather as you say melvimbe just rather wait if there was a major revision coming as there have been some gen 2 releases of late. Having said that HDMI might be nice but not really the driver here.