Port Connectivity to Sub, surrounds

  • 23 November 2019
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So, I read in a post about the new Port “Port is a standalone unit, it can't bond with surrounds, a home theater device, or have a Sonos Sub attached to it.”  Do I take this to mean that if I group a Playebar/Sub to play a record player that the sub won’t work?  I am having issues with the sub dropping out between records.  The surrounds get flaky very quickly also so I’ve just turned those off while playing records.  If this is the case if would have been nice to know before I bought one.  Had to dig to find this.  I love Sonos products so there’s no issue there.  I can actually get it to bond with the sub but it will drop out between records that are played.  Sometimes it hangs on and sometimes not.  When it doesn’t all I have to do is ungroup the Playbar that is connected to the sub and regroup and the sub will play.  Seems to me that because of this behavior that it is possible for Sonos to make this work better with a future software update.  Let’s hope that's the case.

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2 replies

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In the first instance, in the Sonos app, go to: Settings > System > Audio Compression and select ‘Compressed’.

This will reduce the bandwidth required to transmit the turntable signal, as well as increase the buffering to mitigate dropouts.

Thank you!  I will give that a try