Playbar Ethernet disrupts signal to Tivo Mini

  • 2 November 2019
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I have a room with a wired Playbar that then feeds a TiVo Mini. The room also has a Sonos wireless subwoofer and two Sonos wireless rear speakers. The video is tearing and disrupted though this configuration used to work without issue. I bypassed the sound bar completely and the same wired Ethernet cable feeds the TiVo mini with no issue. Has the Ethernet board in the sound bar failed? Is this repairable?

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5 replies

My suspicion is that the ethernet card in the PLAYBAR is being overwhelmed, as it’s not strictly designed to be a passthrough. If memory serves, it’s merely 10/100, and not gigabit ready, so if you’re pushing too much data through it, that might cause some tearing/breakups on the video, assuming the video is being carried via the ethernet.

I’d probably try a very small and simple gigabit switch instead, and feed the output to the PLAYBAR and TiVo separately. Something like this:

I’m just throwing out a possibility -- bad network cable, not making good contact with PLAYBAR.

Some time ago I came across a situation where the wired network to a computer performed at about half of the expected speed. This was a puzzle because everything worked. There was a network switch in the room and the network wire from the router to the switch had been damaged during a construction project, blocking the data. A SONOS unit connected to the switch figured out the bad connection and supported the switch by sharing its SonosNet wireless connection. While SonosNet it very robust, it is not as fast as a wired connection.

I have not experienced any network cards that simply slow down. My experience has been work or not work.

It’s entirely possible. But I was thinking that the amount of data had crossed a threshhold, with more and more data being passed through . Checking both certainly wouldn’t hurt. Yours would be cheaper :)

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Don’t do this, i had similar problems using the Playbar as a switch for HD video playback. Buy a $20 ethernet switch and use that instead.

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A Netgear 105 seems overkill, this is cheaper: