Playbar and Play1s Issue Won't Connect

  • 1 October 2016
  • 1 reply

I bought a Playbar and connected it up no problem whatsoever... worked a treat and so easy to install.
I then purchased 2 Play 1s to act as the surround speakers - but since then I've had nothing but problems.

The whole system keeps dropping out from time to time saying taking me back to the original set up screen.

I again today tried to set it up, the Playbar was working fine; connected the left Play1 and it was fine - but it went wrong when the right Play1 was trying too connect - it seemed to kick the whole system off and I'm back again at the original set up screen. This time though, the only speaker I can connect is 1xPlay 1 - it doesn't seem to be finding the Playbar or the other Play1.

I have a BT router - the new HomeHub 6.

Any help would be much appreciated as I'm now getting to the point that I'm regretting purchasing this Sonos system.

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1 reply

There's an acknowledged incompatibility at present with the BT HH6, which evidently arises when the PLAYBAR has bonded surrounds and/or SUB. The fault is in the current HH6 firmware according to

You could try switching the system over to SonosNet mode ('BOOST Setup') by wiring one of the units. It can be any unit, it doesn't have to be a BOOST. I've not seen any confirmation that this fixes the problem with the HH6 though.