Play5 + Pair of Play1s in stereo

  • 8 November 2016
  • 3 replies

Thinking about purchasing a Play5 to connect to tv and then a pair of play ones as dedicated Left and Right speakers. Would this work, or is their a better option?

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3 replies

You do realise you'll just get stereo from the PLAY:5, and stereo (L & R) from the two PLAY:1s? This arrangement isn't going to deliver 5.1 (or even 3.0). For that you'd need a PLAYBAR.
And there will be a delay on the play:5 line-in that may make TV watching uncomfortable.
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The Play:1s would be stereo speakers in addition to the stereo Play:5. Just remember this would not be any kind of center channel and R/L configuration.

The only way to do 3.0 to 5.1 system is with a Sonos Playbar.

Actually - I don't find the delay of input into Play:5 that bad (70ms). It will cause echo if used in conjunction with TV speakers but if you turn down the TV speakers I don't find the Play:5 delay to cause any real lip sync issue (some may disagree).