Play3 Amp Faulting

  • 6 December 2016
  • 2 replies

Play3 amp is faulting with alternating orange and white error code. I have two play 3 amps for two separate environments. Env1 has Play3 with 4 Polk Atrium5. Env2 has Play3 with 2 Atrium5's. Env1 is giving me the fault code, when I swap the play3's between the two environments, I still get the fault code. Any ideas?

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2 replies

They're CONNECT:AMPs, not PLAY:3s.

By the sound of things whichever CONNECT:AMP is driving the 4 speakers is experiencing a fault condition. Although those speakers are 8 ohm nominal impedance each -- and hence 4 ohms when two are fed in parallel -- the actual impedance possiby dips substantially lower at certain frequencies. Because CONNECT:AMP can only support 4 ohms minimum it's presumably overloaded when the volume's turned up.
Thank you for the quick reply. Yes they are CONNECT;AMPs. Makes perfect sense, thanks again!