Play 5s with a turntable

  • 16 November 2016
  • 9 replies

I have 2 Play 5s and a sub, and I want to play records through my turntable. When I plug it into a Play 5, it only plays from that speaker. How do I get the whole system to play the music from the turntable?

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9 replies

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It should play from both.

Does your phone have a preamp

If so sounds like poor network connection.

I would submit diagnostic and post here for a Sonos rep to review (settings... advanced).

Make sure your home wifi channel is on a clear channel not interfering with neighbors. Make sure no cordles phones etc near a unit.
And the obvious question: have you either grouped or stereo paired the 5 units and is the Sub bonded to them?
Yes, I've bonded them as a stereo pair together with the sub, and controlling it from iPad and iPhone 5s, so it should work. Wondered if I needed a Connect to make it all work together?
No you don't need a Connect. Does other music work as expected?
Yes, I can play deezer with no problems
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The input takes a lot of bandwidth so shows network issues.
If there were network problems, wouldn't Deezer drop out? It's playing fine with streamed music, so suggests something else.
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No deezer is streaming from the internet via your router out to speaker (1 line of flow). The turntable is streaming from the Sonos speaker back to your router (1line of flow on wifi) then back out via wifi to the speakers (therefore consuming double the bandwidth on your wifi network).
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A Sonos unit hooked to
Router should solve issue as then you would run sonosnet and speakers would be able to speak to each other.