play 5 not found from the system

  • 29 October 2016
  • 3 replies

i can't install my play 5. after black out the unit was going out of network and after factory reset my sonos systen can?t find the unit. wen i push the volume+ button and the mute button together the led momentaneusly come blinking orange three times and the the led come on in white color, but the play 5 is not found from the system

Best answer by John B 29 October 2016, 23:28

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3 replies

I am assuming that you reset only the P:5 and have other Sonos components in your system. I think you should temporarily wire the unit to your router and see if it will connect. Then check for updates then disconnect the unit. You may then need to reboot the unit.
after black out the unit was going out of network
It could well be an IP conflict. Battery operated devices will likely have retained their IP addresses as the router lost its lease information.

Restart all the devices on the network.
Ok after Connection to lan the System found P5 and now work Well. Tks all.