Play:5 Line in multiple sources issue

  • 29 October 2016
  • 1 reply

Hi all, Please help!

I'm trying to get audio from both my TV and from an Amazon Echo Dot via bluetooth to a TP-LINK HA100 into my Play:5's line in.

TV Audio has been playing this way happily for months. I bought a splitter, plugged the TV Audio out into it and that stil works.

But, when I plug the TP-LINK Bluetooth receiver into the splitter the TV audio stops immediately, regardless of whether I have anything paired with/pstreaming to the HA100.

If both the TV and HA100 are plugged into the splitter (which in this context is actually a 'combiner' rather than splitting anything) and the HA100 is powered off then TV output plays nicely, as soon I power on the HA100 the TV Audio stops :-(

Anybody know if it's even possible to have 2 sources playing together into a Play:5 or whether Id need some new hardware? An audio switch of some kind or another Sonos product to make this possible?

Many thanks in anticipation of some free or cheap solution! 🙂

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1 reply

You need a simple audio switch. They're only a few quid on Amazon.

Splitter cables are just that; they're not combiners. Your wiring topology has the output of each device (TV and HA100) looking into the output of the other. The outputs can typically be of low impedance, effectively grounding one another's signal. It's also possible to damage the source equipment, especially if one attempts this trick with two power amplifiers feeding into one speaker.