Play 5 Gen 1 music fades in and out

  • 8 November 2016
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I have one each of the Play 1, 3 and 5. It has been very good until the past couple of months - over the summer- suddenly the play 5 (gen 1) would cut out here and there. But lately it has gotten so bad that it will barely play any music at all. When grouped with the other speakers or by itself, the Controller acts as if the music is going and the other speakers play but not the play 5. Or when on its own, same thing, every once in a great while the music cuts on and then fades out. Seems very controlled in that it fades out so nicely.

I have unplugged it and factory reset it. I have redone the entire sonos network and restarted it all. After scouring the internet for questions, I thought that is was likely too much interference. Living in the city, not much I can do about that. After reading some different threads/ info online, I determined it must be interference and purchased a Boost.

Here is some addition info:
- this is an Apple time capsule network
- play 5 music goes in and out regardless if it is playing by itself or grouped. When grouped the other speakers work and sound just fine.
- Controller looks like it is continually playing music.
- I have updated and factory reset
- I have started over and totally rebuilt Sonos system
- I have rebuilt system starting with Play 5 and starting with another speaker
- Installed Boost tonight and still having issues;

Based on process of elimination, it appears to be an issue with Play 5. Everything else is working consistently.

I am very appreciative of any assistance you can give to help me figure this out. Thanks!

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I have seen some of this with bad ip addreses. You said though you rebooted Sonos units (did you turn off as many network devices as you could at the same time and then rebooted router).

I would go into router and give each Sonos unit a new IP address reserved number in the upper range of your allowable addresses. Then reboot everything so they get those new addresses.

If problem persists it is some kind of wireless issue and the best bet then is go under settings...advanced and submit diagnostic. Post number here for a sonos rep to review your network.