Play 3 or Play 1 for Rear Surround

  • 19 October 2016
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Honestly, I have the darnedest time finding a good pros and cons of using Play 1 or Play 3 as the rear in a 5.1 Surround Setup. I have currently have a 3.1 Setup (for you noobs that's the playbar + sub), a "spare" Play 5, it's usually in the garage but I will set it up outside in the backyard when we have parties, and the boost. Obviously in the inside, it is the Sub and Play Bar. The Speakers will either be wall mounted or on stands. If placed on stands will be about 1 feet (to a max of 2 feet) behind the main/centered sofa. If I wall mount, I have a few more creative options, such as placing them up a higher (I have ten feet "vaulted" ceilings) and more in the corners of the room, so everyone in the room gets a more surround experience. However, I know that opens up another can of of worms, but from what I read I am confident the true play will balance it all out. If I wall mounted, my hypothesis is to get the Play 3's but then my brain says that's just my ego compensating. So I am completely open for suggestions and I will gladly answer any specific questions you would like. Lastly, if I wall mount, I would run the power cords from the attic/etc to the speakers (Play 1s or 3s) through the ceiling/wall for a clean look. In advance, thanks again to everyone for their input.

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Good question, Leveraged. In my opinion, the PLAY:3's are the way to go. I say this because you already have the SUB providing low end, whereas the PLAY:1's have a bit more thud than the PLAY:3's. The 3's have more sparkly high's than the PLAY:1 and project a wider sound (better for your large room). As you already have a SUB, this setup would provide more balance. I hope this is helpful.