play 3 component issue

  • 17 April 2019
  • 4 replies

Hello can anyone tell me value of R316 on power board?

4 replies

46 cents?

Not sure I understand what you're asking, obviously. There's several repair threads you may want to check into in the "Advanced Setups" area of this forum, with some people who have chosen to void their warranty and try to fix their Sonos devices on their own. You may get more exposure there, and hopefully a less snarky comment. 🙂
Many thanks, not too snarky...
Resistance number for the resistor, I reckon. Not too many take a soldering iron to Sonos innards, so even google may not help. Good luck!
found a photo of power board but can not quite read chip resistor looks like 37? it is located just on other side of exploded power supply caps near opto coupler IC.