Pause on the new connect. Remote control?

  • 29 October 2020
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I have a Sonos connect V2 connected to a sound system in my office. I also have Sonos sl pretty distant from the sound system. When I receive phone call, I want to pause the Sonos group. As there is no pause button anymore on the connect V2 and the SL is too distant, I would like to know how to pause the system quickly without using the app. Is there any remote pause button control that exists to pause the system?


3 replies

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All Connects have a pause button (though the icon varies by version). Are you talking about a Port?

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If you need a physical remote you can use the IKEA stuff:

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There are remote controls for the Sonos system: ,(cheaper) or

Pausing the speaker from which you started a group should stop the whole group. I myself control the One in my office/attic by voice (you could use a Nest Mini or Alexa device) or by the Windows app on my PC.