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  • 2 November 2016
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Hi I have just bought a Sonos system- sound bar/sub/paired Play 1's for 5.1 in living room and paired play 1's for second room.

The second room pair keep going out of sync and there is a delay on music played. I have had local suppliers here on IOM to house 4/5 times to fix. Repair works, then reverts to delay. Has anyone else experienced this? I have been told by supplier that unplugging speakers would break link with set up. A power cut would not be a problem however. Can't be true.

I think speakers are faulty.



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5 replies

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So you have the paired 5 channel set in living room.

You have a paired set of play:1s in second room.

Your playing sound on the ones in living room and then you group in the ones in the other room.

The ones in the other room don't play in sync with the main system in living room.

Just verify that is is the case and you are grouping g in the room setting the pair in other room with the playbar zone.

Unplugging speakers will not break any links.

How is your wifi signal in each room. You have just a single router.

I assume you don't have any of the Sonos units wired to your home router. If you have a unit close by your router it would probably be good to wire it and use sonosnet (which may solve all problems as your home wifi may be getting overloaded).

It doesn't sound like you have bad units just some network issues.

You can go into Sonos controller under settings ..advanced and submit diagnostic. Post the diagnostic number here and a Sonos rep can troubleshoot your network.
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P.s. Your local supplier doesn't seem to know what they are doing.
Hi Chris

Thanks for your reply. FYI

Set up in living room is Sound bar+sub+l/r rear for TV 5.1
2 Play 1's in Living room 1

On system control, these appear as

Living room- to play sound bar/sub l& r rear
Living Room 1 and Living Room 2 to use 2 play 1's. These were set up previously as Back room but the system lost these settings. When music is played on these paired speakers, there is a delay between the speakers.

I have been told that you can control all rooms via laptop and play music to either room. I have also been told for Living room 1, I should not try to play music via the laptop and only play music loaded onto my phone- which is same music library as on laptop. All info given by Sonos agent.

I ran the diagnostic and got ref 6707187.

Thanks for helping to try and solve issue.


Hi Chris

A different engineer who has vast experience of setting up Sonos systems, diagnosed and fixed problem with an hour. Problem was with software settings and how the rooms were set up by another engineer. I have been advised to monitor set up and if the problem recurs, then it must be a software issue.


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I was about to come on and give suggestions as I didn't agree with some of the things the 1st Sonos rep. told you.

Great you have it going. If have any more trouble check back here. I'm not sure how software setup caused any of your issues as it appears to be network issue. Anyhow let us know if anything else has issue.