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Would love to have a unit that can be plugged in outside and is weather resistant (I don't expect water proof). The kind of thing you could mount against a wall beneath an underhang where it might get some exposure to the weather but is mostly protected.

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I would like to have an Outdoor-S3, too. I don't live near a beach, but simply for use in my bathroom.
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I am building a cover over the patio and plan to mount two Play 3's outside. I intend to leave them out for half the year when it is not quite so rainy here.

I will update later if I have any issues.
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Could we have a Play:3 that was could be battery operated / portable so I could bring it into garden?

Splashproof would also be useful for garden / bathroom use.
Could we have a Play:3 that was could be battery operated / portable so I could bring it into garden?

Splashproof would also be useful for garden / bathroom use.

Good idea, though the challenge would be to get enough battery life to drive the amplifier for a decent amount of time, in an enclosure as compact as the play 3. And to weatherproof a unit containing an amp and a replaceable battery may not be cheap.

There are also plenty of outdoor speakers, that can be wired to an indoor located, mains powered Sonos, so I suspect the market for what will be an expensive battery powered unit may not be large enough.
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I'm going to get an outdoor power socket run, and then just drag my Play:3 out when I want music outside.

No issue with weather proofing as I don't plan to be outside when the weather is anything other than fine!
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+1 Each time I want to listening music outside, I need to move a power supply and a S5.
To avoid outdoor speakers purchasing, I think that the speaker must be embedded in the ZP with the amplifier.
I see to option for an outdoor ZP:
1) with battery and power supply.
2) without battery but with power supply.

Advantages & drawbacks of option #1:
+ Easy movable
- Battery life duration
- Need a power supply or a dock to charge the battery

Advantages & drawback of option #2:
+ maybe fixed on a wall 365 days per year.
+ no issue with battery life duration
- As movable as an S5
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What about designing a outdoor version of the PLAY:5? I would name it PLAY:OUT
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I am using a Play 5 headphone jack connected to a bluetooth transmitter paired with a JBL bluetooth speaker. It works fine although I would rather have a cheaper alternative.
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Release a small Sonos speaker which is rechargeable, and moisture proof. This would be great for use in a bathroom, or travelling.
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+1000 to all the comments requesting a plug in weather resistant design. I don't think any of the outdoor speakers are 100% waterproof but I've had a pair of Klipsch outdoors untouched outside for more than 2 years and they still sound great. I don't think a battery powered option is realistic, due to the on-board amplification and I'm not will to trade-off sound quality.
Try this http://www.soundcastsystems.com/
After +5y still a happy outdoor customer.
It seems as the next obvious step for Sonos is to provide us with an outdoor version of S5, preferrably as a battery powered unit. That would make this system outstanding to any competitor.

Let's bring this to the attention of the Sonos team. I know they listen to their customers!!


I certainly agree!
A Li-ion accumulator pack inside a weatherproofed S3 or S5 housing would be a GREAT product! the battery technology is getting rather good at this stage in the game.
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And outdoor version of the S5 would be great. Make it optionally battery-powered and portable to make it a flexible component. Please make it sea-air friendly! I live by the ocean.

I've seen several threads about using Sonos outdoors. Options have included:

1) Moving the Sonos component (Play5 or Connect:Amp & speakers) inside/outside every time
2) Running speaker wires outside from Sonos amplifier (Amp or Connect) inside the house out to waterproof speakers
3) Putting the Sonos amp in a waterproof container outside.

I have a Sonos connect that is running a small Lepai amplifier for one zone; I can also tap-off the RCA outputs of that Sonos and use a wireless audio extender such as products from AITech:

and then putting a cheap amplifier outside with rock speakers.
Has anyone had any success with these 5 GHz wireless audio extenders? They're not cheap and the sub-$100 extenders that run at 2.4GHz don't offer much range.
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I've seen a few threads asking if there will ever be any outdoor speakers. I personally would love a set if they were. I was curious if it's even possible or any thoughts around using the existing sonos speakers with some kind of case. Not sure if something like lifeproof could be done without diminishing sound quality but if it could I'd really like to get a pair of play1s outside so Id buy something if it was ever possible.
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I too would like to own a SONOS speaker that is outdoor capable. I envision a Play5 that has been weatherized, has a built-in re-chargeable Li-Ion battery and Bluetooth connectivity.

When indoors, it could play over your WiFi and it could be placed in spots not close to an AC outlet and run on battery power.

It could also be moved outdoors (AC or Battery Power) and if out of WiFi range, could be connected and streamed via Bluetooth.

This product would be a combination of the awesome SONOS features combined with the functionality of a Bose SoundLink or Jawbone JamBox.

What more could you ask for?
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The outdoor chargable Sonos speaker is long overdue! (Not necessary weatherproof)

For example, the Bose Soundlink is a great product with acceptable battery life. If Bose can, you can too, Sonos!

I have connected the Bose through a bluetooth adapter to my SONOS Amp's line IN, and it works ok. But it would be perfect with a genuine Sonos product not needing a so-so bluetooth connection.
Could we have a Sonos representative comment .... The outdoor chargable Sonos speaker is long overdue! (Not necessary weatherproof)
Sonos don't publish their future development plans. The best we have is an 'under consideration' classification on the relevant ask.sonos.com thread.
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Hi. Pls release a outdoor version of the S5 or the S3 For me that is the missing link

Regards. RuneM