Options for repairing/fixing frayed cloth on Playbar

  • 28 July 2019
  • 2 replies

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I just obtained a pre-owned PlayBar and the cloth is fraying at the ends. It looks like maybe it has rubbed against something on both ends and the cloth is frayed and curling. I suppose just cutting the frayed ends is the best fix or does anyone have any other suggestions?

2 replies

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Understanding the cloth on a Playbar is integrated into the design as opposed to a detachable speaker cover I'd say it's a lost cause. I can't image what the previous owner did to cause that type of damage. I hope you obtained it dirt cheap. As a last resort you might call Sonos...but IMO that's a pipe dream.
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if there’s no joy from Sonos, you can get replacement speaker grill cloth so you could remove the old as best can be done and cut/shape/glue some new stuff onto the casing. Not ideal but I think it will look better than what you have.